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Table of Contents

Hail and well met worthy traveler, and thanks to you for spending the time visiting my humble abode! Amidst these dusty shelves you will find a host of gaming materials I've authored over the years. I do hope that something among this eclectic clutter brings you a measure of joy, or at least piques your imagination. So please peer into all the various nooks and crannies, and then feel free to come back and visit anytime to view the latest works.

D&D® A collection of unique D&D® source material.
HERO® Oodles of supplemental fantasy materials for the HERO® role-playing game.
Book of Beasts A bestiary of creatures, real or imagined. Available from the Files section of the Yahoo Book of Beasts group.
Diadamon Pantheon A detailed pantheon for use with any fantasy setting. Available from the Files section of the Yahoo Book of Beasts group.
Tempered Magic A system of improvised magic based on an analogy with music.
Adelfarn A unique, detailed fantasy town setting.
After Earth Timeline and survey of the solar system.
Maps Assorted color maps at various scales.
World Building Various information on world-building and fantasy settings.
Beneath the Bottomless Bog Among the bleak, northern bogs, our heroes answer a tormented cry for help.
Children of Synzhen Is there anything to the phenomenon of Spontaneous Human Combustion? Find out in this adventure module.
Desolate Futures Role-playing scenario plot in a fantasy horror setting.
Secret of Saltham Shore A Ghost Ship is beached near a medieval village and the serfs are in danger.
Wrath of the Fire Beast Race against time to prevent an evil entity from escaping its ancient prison.
NWN2 Tutorials A two volume set of PDF files that contain notes, observations and appendices about the NWN2 toolset.
Adventuring Hazards Descriptions of natural hazards faced by heroes.
Attributes Some old thoughts about the use of attributes in RPGs.
Puzzles Old style word match puzzles for wargamers. Easy.
Science Skills Gaming descriptions of many science skills.
Stellar Inferno Wargame of battles between interstellar fleets.
Project Gutenberg Out-of-copyright books that I have scanned and uploaded to the Project Gutenberg site.
Favorites Some of my favorite links.
Earth Park An impractical plan to convert the earth into an immense park.
Elfwood My favorite amateur art pages on the Elfwood site. Probably very obsolete by now.
Waaagh! A Perl routine that can translate english text into Ork lingo, chummer.