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The following material is designed to supplement the published companion books for the Fantasy HERO® role-playing game system from Hero Games. Included are some ideas adapted and altered from other game systems, as well as much new material. Recent additions or updates are in red. Please send me your comments and suggestions for this page. Thank you.

Disclaimer: HERO® is a registered trademark of HERO Games, Inc. Use of a product name in this material without mention of its trademark status should not be construed as a challenge to such status. The inclusion of these product names in no way implies any approved usage or official licensing of the contents of this material with the aforementioned product.

Expanded Colleges of Magic
Air Spells Animal Powers Animation
Darkness Demonology Earth Magic
Fire Wizards Ice Wizards Illusionists
Light Mentalism Nautical Magic
Necromancy Plant & Wood Sonimasters
Transport Warrior-Magery Water Wizards

New Magic Colleges
Arch Magery Celestial Magic Circus Magic
Conjuration Cult of Decay Dueling Wizards
Temple of Doom Gates & Planes Hedge Magic
Iron Slayers Metamagic Moon Priests
Nephomancy Sanctuary Temple of Terror
Vivimancy Warlock

Items and Equipment
Armor Boots Cursed Items
Goods and Services Magic Weapons Magical Devices
Potions Projectors Rings

Adventuring Resources
Cenozoic Megafauna Converting MP Creatures (A-M)
Creatures (N-Z) Hazards House Rules
Pantheons, part 1 Pantheons, part 2 Plants
Science Skills Traps Trigomn

Scenarios & Settings
Children of Synzhen Secret of Saltham Shore
Wrath of the Fire Beast Town of Adelfarn

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Comments: Supplemental material for the fantasy hero role-playing game system. Includes magic colleges, new creatures, rules for pantheons, magic armor, weapons, boots, potions, rings, traps, hazards, and miscellaneous items.