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[Digest of Magical Devices]

Copyright © 2001 by Robert J. Hall

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Amulet of Health

This beautiful Amethyst amulet is worn around the neck by means of clasp attached to a slender gold chain. It bestows greatly improved health upon the wearer, allowing him to recover more quickly from injuries and providing protection from many diseases and venoms.


  • +1 rPD/+1 rED Damage Resistance
  • +10 REC, Only to recover BODY (-1)
  • 2d6 Healing, Gradual Effect (1 Hour) (-1), Single Charge/Day (-2)
  • Paramedic Skill 15-, Only on wearer of gem (-1)
  • +10 Power Defense, Only versus Disease and Venom (-1/2)

Combined: OIF Gem (-1/2), Independent (-2), Gem must be worn for a week before taking effect (-1/4)

Active Cost = 60; Real Cost = 11

Amulet of Underwater Mammals

This amulet consists of a piece of coral shaped like a dolphin hung from a string of sea shells. It bestows upon its wearer the ability to survive in an underwater environment, and to locate and communicate with any underwater mammals in the vicinity.


  • Detect Underwater Mammals, Range, +10 Telescopic, Discriminatory, Only underwater (-1/4), Costs END (-1/2), 1/2 DCV Concentrate Throughout (-1/2)
  • +20 PRE, Only versus Underwater Mammals (-1)
  • 4d6 Telepathy, Only versus Underwater Mammals (-1)
  • Life Support: Underwater Breathing, High Pressure, Intense Cold, Only underwater (-1/4)
  • +10" Swimming

Combined: OIF Aumlet (-1/2), Independent (-2)

Active Cost = 89; Real Cost = 20

Bit and Bracelet of Breaking

This magic item consists of a metal bar with a set of attached leather straps that allow it to be strapped to a face as a gag. The bar has a magically linked studded leather bracelet that the owner of the item uses to control the creature wearing the gag. This combination of items will slowly and inexorably destroy the will of the subject creature, allowing the wearer of the bracelet to control its every behavior.

This magical item is especially valued for training wild horses, although it has been used for more odious tasks such as the subjugation of humanoid captives.


  • 4d6 Suppress Mental Defense, 0 END Persistent (+1), Gradual Effect (1 week) (-1-3/4), No Range (-1/2), OIF Bar (-1/2), Only versus wearer of bracelet (-1)
  • 4d6 Drain EGO, Recover 5/decade (+3), 0 END Persistent (+1), Gradual Effect (1 week) (-1-3/4), No Range (-1/2), OIF Bar (-1/2), Only versus wearer of bracelet (-1)
  • 10d6 Mind Control, Difficult to Dispel (+1/4), Defensive effect of target's EGO and Mental Defense is doubled (-1), Only versus wearer of bar (-1), OIF Bracelet (-1/2)

Combined: Independent (-2)

Active Cost = 60; Real Cost = 11

Bracelet of Banishing

This beautiful, silver bracelet is studded with three large sapphires wrapped in a swirling water motif. It has the magical ability to instantly return all but the most powerful summoned creatures back to the realm from whence they came. Unfortunately this power is not always reliable and the bracelet can only hold three charges. If the owner focuses for a moment the bracelet can also be used to detect any summoned creatures. This device must be stored in a dark place for a full week in order to fully restore any expended charges.


  • 24d6 Dispel Summoning, Activation Roll 12- (-3/4), Gestures (Point at target) (-1/4), Incantations (Shout "Begone") (-1/4), 3 Charges (-1-1/4)
  • Detect Summoned Creatures, Range

Combined: OIF Bracelet (-1/2), Independent (-2)

Active Cost = 80; Real Cost = 14

Bracelet of Soaring

At first glance this appears to be a simple silver bracelet with a small crystal charm the shape and size of a robin's egg. A more careful examination will reveal that the charm contains a beautiful image of a soaring eagle. When the magical powers of this bracelet are activated, the wearer can assume the form of a Giant Eagle. Doing so will cost 3 points of END and require a full turn.


  • Multiform, Giant Eagle (133 pts), OIF Bracelet (-1/2), Independent (-2), Extra Time: Full Turn (-1/2), Costs END to change form (-1/4)

Active Cost = 27; Real Cost = 6

Cape of the Shadows

This cape was created by the cult of shadowmasters to aid their untrained associates. Its magical powers are easily mastered and require little effort to employ. The cap is made from jet black silk with a wide collar of crow feathers and a silver clasp.


  • Invisibility to Sight w/ Fringe
  • Images to Sight, Invisible Power Effects (All) (+1), Only to change shadow shapes (-1)
  • Teleport 10", Invisible Power Effects (All) (+1), Only to another shadow (-1/2), 1/2 DCV Concentrate (-1/4), Extra Time: Full Phase (-1/2)
  • Clinging
  • Infrared Vision
  • +1 to Concealment, Shadowing, and Stealth skills

Combined: OIF Cape (-1/2), Only while in Shadows (-1/2), Independent (-2)

Active Cost = 98; Real Cost = 21

Circlet of Power

This unusual head piece consists of a finely crafted bronze circlet with a large piece of Azurite mounted in the center. The band bestows upon its wearer a stronger physical presence that that makes him more effective in combat.


  • +10 STR
  • +10 PRE, Only in combat (-1/4)
  • +2" Superleap
  • -2" Knockback Resistance
  • -5 Lack of Weakness
  • Apply Penetrating to any 2d6 HKA (+1/2)
  • +2d6 HA

Combined: OIF Circlet (-1/2), Independent (-2)

Active Cost = 55; Real Cost 15

Collar of Freedom

This wide, black, studded leather collar must be worn around the neck in order for its powers to take effect. It bestows upon the wearer immunity from most forms of paralysis, allowing him to perform actions when others would be unable to move. The collar is attached by means of a bronze buckle. It can be uncomfortable to wear for the first few weeks.


  • +20 Mental Defense, Only versus Mind Control (-1/2), Only if control is to cause paralysis (-1/2)
  • 6d6 Suppress Entangle, 0 END Persistent (+1), Only if entangle is transparent to attacks (-1)
  • +20 Power Defense, Only against adjustment powers to decrease Running or Swimming (-1-1/2)

Combined: OIF Collar (-1/2), Independent (-2)

Active Cost = 100; Real Cost = 21

Crystal Ball

When inactive, this magical device has the appearance of a crystal clear sphere of glass. It is small enough to be held in the hand, but large enough to employ as a remote viewing device. Steady concentration is required to employ the crystal ball, as well as some knowledge of the area being viewed.


  • Clairsentience to Sight, x16 Range (6.4km), 1/2 DCV Concentrate Throughout (-1/2), Gestures (-1/4), OAF Crystal Ball, Fragile (-1-1/4), Independent (-2)

Active Cost = 40; Real Cost = 8

Cummerbund of Crushing

This unusual piece of garb has the magical property of allowing the wearer to apply a crushing squeeze to an opponent. The wearer must be able to grab and squeeze the target, but once he does so the grip can have a devastating effect upon a target. The cummerbund of crushing is a piece of fine crimson material that is worn around the waist. It will magically resize itself to fit any belly.


  • +20 STR, Only w/ Grab & Squeeze (-1/2)
  • 30 STR has Penetration, Only w/ squeeing (-1/4)
  • +2 w/ Grab

Combined: IIF Cummerbund (-1/4), Independent (-2)

Active Cost = 39; Real Cost = 11

Disk of Decision

This very old gold coin has the magical ability to force the target to adhere to the outcome of a coin toss. The subject must agree to the terms of the coin toss prior to the actual toss taking place. The coin toss must also be fair and free of magical interference. Note that the terms of the coin toss must be carefully stated, or the subject may have loopholes which allow him to avoid the true intent of the agreement.


  • 9d6 Mind Control, Only to adhere to terms agreed to prior to coin toss (-1), Gestures (Fair Coin Toss) (-1/4), OAF Gold Coin, Fragile (-1-1/4), Independent (-2)

Active Cost = 45; Real Cost = 8

Dragon's Teeth

It is told in myth and tale that when the fang of a dragon is planted in the ground, a magical warrior will spring forth to serve the character. Perhaps there is some truth to the tale because when buried these magical fangs will each produce a dragon warrior, although some of these teeth have grown inert.

At first this warrior will have no will of its own and will follow any orders it can understand to the letter. Over the course of several weeks, however, the warrior will begin to develop an initiative and begin to act independently. Soon, unless the character possesses some means to retain control, it will seek to leave its master and establish its own identity.


  • Summon Dragon Warrior (80 pts), Single Charge (-2), Charges do not recover (-2), OAF Fang (-1), Independent (-2), Activation 14- (-1/2).

Active Cost: 46; Real Cost: 5

Earring of Endearment

This lovely earring consist of a large oyster pearl attached to a fine gold clasp. When attached to the ear, it bestows upon the wearer a certain charm and enhanced physical appearance that greatly increases his seductiveness. It will allow him to induce a state of such intense ecstasy that the partner loses almost all awareness of the physical surroundings for a period of several turns. Finally the earring will also allows him to call in a favor from any such partner at a later date.


  • +5 COM
  • +2 to Conversation, Persuasion, and Seduction
  • Seduction 12- base
  • 4d6 Drain INT, Does not reduce tactile Perception (-1/4), No Range (-1/2), Requires Seduction Skill Roll (-1/2)
  • 4d6 Aid to PRE, Trigger (Ask for a favor) (+1/4), Requires Seduction Skill Roll (-1/2), Only for the purposes of satisfying the favor (-1), No Range (-1/2)

Combined: OIF Earring, Fragile (-1-1/4), Independent (-2)

Active Cost = 82; Real Cost = 15

Faerie Figurine

This lovely crystal figurine has the likeness of a winged faerie. When held in the hand, magical words spoken in the native language of the faerie can individually activate each magical power held within. The figurine will allow the character to sense the use of any form of faerie magic in the vicinity. It will also allow him to travel to the native plane of the faerie and back again. Finally, the character will be able to fly, become invisible, and to shrink to a quarter of his normal size.


  • Multipower Framework (20 pts) - Faerie Powers. Fixed slots:
    • Sense Faerie Magic, Range, Discriminatory, Costs END (-1/2)
    • Extra-Dimensional Movement, Fairy Plane, 1/2 DCV Concentrate (-1/4), Extra Time: Full Phase (-1/2)
    • Extra-Dimensional Movement, Home Plane, 1/2 DCV Concentrate (-1/4), Extra Time: Full Phase (-1/2)
    • Invisibility to Sight w/ Fringe
    • 10" Flight
    • Shrinking (20 pts)

Combined: Incantations (Faerie) (-1/4), OAF Figurine, Unbreakable (-1), Independent (-2).

Active Cost = 20; Real Cost = 11

Gemstone of Genius

These exceptionally rare and valuable precious stones were brought to this world from a dimension where the fabric of reality is held together by pure thought. The Gemstone of Genius resembles a blue-hued, uncut diamond with a star-shaped, crystal clear heart. When held in the hand by a reasoning being, the clear heart of the gem begins to glow with a pale white light that flickers with the changing thoughts of its handler.

These stones have a much sought ability to enhance the mental faculties of their owner. They are especially valued by scholars and other intellectuals. The powers of this stone can not be detected by senses that are attuned to magic. however, they do radiate a type of energy that will be noticed by mental senses.

If they are cut by an expert jeweler, they can produce a beautiful and valuable faceted gem stone. However, doing so will render the stone completely inert. The stone also will fail to function when it is in contact with non-living matter, such as rings, leather gloves, metal clasps, and so on. Creatures with an automaton-like intellect will also be unable to benefit from these stones.


  • Sense Intelligence, Discriminatory, Range
  • +10 Mental Defense, Only versus Mental Illusions (-1), 1/2 DCV Concentrate Throughout (-1/2)
  • +2 to all Perceptions, 1/2 DCV Concentrate Throughout (-1/2)
  • +1 to all INT-based skills
  • +1 to all Knowledge Skills except area and city knowledge
  • Deduction 12- (base)
  • Lightning Calculator
  • Speed Reading

Combined: Not when in contact with non-living matter (-1/2), Not when used by an automaton (-1/4), OAF Uncut Gemstone, Fragile (-1-1/4), Independent (-2).

Active Cost = 55; Real Cost = 10

Gloves of Nimble Fingers

These shiny black gloves have a very fine mesh made of an unusual material. In addition to providing some protection to the hands, these gloves greatly improve the finesse of the character, allowing him to perform delicate tasks with great skill. The gloves will improve the characters combat reflexes, allowing him to adeptly block incoming attacks. He also instinctively gains the sleight of hand skill, and his ability to pick locks is greatly enhanced.


  • +2 w/ Block
  • +2 Missile Deflection, Thrown Objects
  • Sleight of Hand 11- (base)
  • +3 to Lockpicking and Sleight of Hand
  • +5 DEX, Only for tasks requiring nimble fingers (-2)
  • 2 PD/2 ED Armor, Coverage (Areas 6,17, and 18 or Activation Roll 5-) (-2-3/4)

Combined: OIF Gloves (-1/2), Independent (-2)

Active Cost = 59; Real Cost = 15

Headpiece of Thorns

This wooden crown fits comfortably over the head, although outwardly it appears most unpleasant to wear because of the many thorns it projects. The headpiece has magical powers over the world of plants and trees, especially those that have defense mechanisms such as thorns or toxins.


  • Elemental Control (25 pts) - Plant Powers
    • Immune to Common Plant Toxins
    • 4" Tunneling through 3 DEF, Closes Behind, Only through plant growth (-1/2) - pass through bushes
    • 2d6 Entangle, Indirect (+3/4), Area Effect (Hex) (+1/2), Only where plants can grow (-1/4) - tangling plants
    • 1d6+1 RKA, Indirect (+1/4), Explosion (+1/2), Requires 2kg of wood (-1/2) - burst of thorns
      2d6 BODY Drain, Indirect (+1/4), Explosion (+1/2), Only if RKA does BODY (-1/4), Linked to RKA (-1/2), Requires 2kg of wood (-1/2) - plant toxins
    • 3d6 Cosmetic Transform, Area Effect (Hex) (+1/2), 0 END (+1/2), No Range (-1/2), Only through area of plant growth (-1/2) - erase tracks
    • 15 STR Telekinesis, Indirect (+3/4), Area Effect (Hex) (+1/2), Only if large tree within 2" (-1/4) - grabbing trees

Combined: OIF Headpiece (-1/2), Independent (-2)

Active Cost = 141; Real Cost = 35

Hourglass of Stasis

This very fine hourglass consists of an ornate chassis of gold, two clear crystal bulbs, and a portion of very fine white sand. When it is turned over, the hourglass has the magical ability to freeze the flow of time within a 9" radius sphere. All those caught within the time stasis are immune to any form of attack until the flow of time starts again three minutes later.

The character who overturns the hourglass is immune to its effect and can operate freely for the duration of the time stasis. Any other creatures will also be uneffected if they are protected by a force field or are in a state of desolidification. Those on the outside when the device is activated are free to enter and leave the area of effect for the duration of the stasis.


  • Extra-Dimensional Movement, Forward in Time, Area Effect (9" Radius) (+1), Useable Against Others (Not versus Force Field or Desolidified) (+1), Personal Immunity (+1/4), Single Continuing Recoverable Charge Lasting 3 Minutes (Recover by Turning Over Hourglass) (-1/4), Gestures (Turn over hourglass) (-1/4), Activation w/ Burnout 14- (-3/4), Extra Time: Full Phase (-1/2), Turning over hourglass before sand has finished falling causes automatic burnout (-1/4), OAF Hourglass (-1), Independent (-2)

Active Cost = 130; Real Cost = 22

Incula's Instant Folding Fortress

At first glance this appears to be a simple, hollow steel box with an elaborate pattern of gold inlaid on the sides. Upon touching a specific sequence of locations on the faces, however, the box gradually and noisily unfolds until it has formed a large, complete, two story steel fortress with a 5" square base and a height of 3".

This structure has a single outer door that can only be opened by a cypher lock. It also has several internal rooms, each fitted with a fire place and immobile metal furniture along the sides. The external walls on the second floor are also fitted with arrow slits. Finally there is a spiral staircase running between the two floors.

To close the steel fortress back into the cube, another pattern appears inside the outer door. Again a specific sequence of locations on the pattern must be touched to fold it back up. Once the fortress begins folding, any creatures and items held inside are tossed out. The owner has plenty of time to complete the sequence and then step through the outer door before it starts folding.


  • Vehicle (50 hexes (5"x5", 3" tall), 100 ton, 18 BODY, 10 DEF), Immobile unless shrunk (-1)
  • Shrinking (85 pts, 5kg, 0.25m), Area Effect (Radius of Base) (+1), 0 END Persistent (+1), Gestures (-1/4), 0 DCV Concentrate (-1/2), Gestures to cancel (-1/4), Extra Time: Full Turn (-1), Only versus base (+0)

Combined: OAF Fortress (-1), Independent (-2)

Active Cost = 317; Real Cost = 58

Jewel of Many Facets

This large, multi-faceted jewel is as large as a golf ball. As the jewel is examined, it seems to change in hue and brightness with each turn in the hand. The gem radiates strong magic, and when hurled it will release a magical power that will strike at the target. The jewel then snaps back into the hand of the owner. Unfortunately the type of magic released is not determined until the jewel is actually released.


  • Multipower Framework (36 pts), Changes to random power after each use requiring extra time to reset: 2 phases (-1/2), Gestures (Hurl Jewel at Foe) (-1/4), Incantations (Yell "Xod!") (-1/4). Roll two six-sided dice then consult the table below to determine the type of power released.
  • 1st
    Fixed Slot END

    1 1-2 2d6+1 RKA, Reduced Penetration (-1/4) - The jewel turns into a barbed arrow and strikes at the target 3
    3-4 2d6 Drain STUN, Range (+1/2) - The crystal creates a sphere of glassy air around the target and the victim is struck by a wave of dizziness 3
    5 2d6+1 Flash versus Sight Group, Only in Darkness (-1/2) - Bright lights from the crystal flash in front of the target's eyes, momentarily blinding him 3
    6 2d6 Entangle, Takes No Damage (+1/2), Brittle (1 BODY) (-1/2) - The crystal spits out a mass of tough, sticky strands that entangles the target 3
    2 1-2 4d6 EB vs. PD, Explosion (+1/2) - The crystal shoots out a burning cinder that streaks toward the target, exploding in a ball of flames 3
    3 1d6 Drain Running, Recover 1/hour (+1), Range (+1/2), Recover 1/hour (+1/2), Only on dirt (-1/2) - The crystal spins and emits a fine cloud of seeds that grow into vine-like plants to entangle the target's feet 3
    4 12d6 Dispel Flight - The crystal causes a dark shadow passes over the target and suddenly he plummets to the earth 4
    5 3d6+1 EGO attack, Mental Power Based on CON (-1/2) - The crystal glows with an intense blue light and the target suddenly develops a nauseating headache lasting for several minutes 3
    6 7d6 Mind Control, Visible (-1/4), Only to cause fear (-1/2) - The crystal turns into a terrifying specter that causes the target intense fear 3
    3 1-2 1d6 Drain STR, Range (+1/2), Recover 5/week (+1+1/2) - A wispy white strand of light from the jewel causes the target to suddenly age ten years. 3
    3 3d6+1 Flash versus Hearing - The jewel rings with a clear tone that temporarily deafens the target 3
    4 7d6 Cosmetic Transform - An eerie green glow from the jewel shrouds the target and all his hair begins to fall out 3
    5-6 1d6 RKA, Armor Piercing (+1/2), Autofire (+1/2) - The jewel spins rapidly and 5 steel needles shoot out to strike at the target 3
    4 1 4d6 EB, NND (Hypnotic Attack) (+1/2) - Lights from the jewel begin to dance around the target's head, producing a hypnotic state that leaves the victim disoriented 3
    2 1d6 Drain DEX, Range (+1/2), 0 END (+1/2), Continuous (+1) - Triangles of pale yellow light wrap around the target's joints, making him clumsy 3
    3-4 2d6 EB, AVLD (Flash Defense) (+1+1/2), Not if target is blind (-1/4) - A thick blue beam from the jewel strikes the target in the eyes, causing intense pain 2
    5 Darkness to Sight Group, 2" Radius, 0 END (+1/2) - A thick cloud of ice particles is emitted by the jewel, around the target 3
    6 Summon Goblin - An ugly little creature pops out of thin air where the jewel just passed 4
    5 1 1d6 RKA, Double Knockback (+3/4), +1 STUN Multiplier (+1/2) - The jewel turns into a giant boot and whallops the target 3
    2 2d6 Entangle, Area Effect (Hex, Selective) (+1/2), Only on dirt (-1/2) - A thick bush grows from a seedling desposited by the jewel, completely envelops the target and entangling his arms and legs 3
    3 -5 PER Images to Sight and Sound, Duplicate of Character - The jewel appears to morph into an exact duplicate of the owner 3
    4 3d6 SPD Drain - A flashing light from the jewel causes the target to slow down 3
    5-6 12 STR Telekinesis, Area Effect (Cone) (+1), No Range (-1/2) - The rapidly whirling jewel creates a strong gust of wind blowing away from the owner 4
    6 1 Change Environment, 64" Radius - The jewel moves rapidly in a large circle, producing a cloud that emits drenching rain 3
    2-3 3d6 EB vs. ED, Area Effect (6" Line) (+1), No Range (-1/2) - A bolt of lightning lances out from the jewel 3
    4 7d6 EB vs. ED, Beam (-1/4) - The jewel emits a narrow red beam of intense heat that strikes the target 3
    5 2d6 EB, Area Effect (2" Radius) (+1), NND (Toxic Gas) (+1), Time Delay (+1/4), Random delay (1d6 phases) (-1/2) - The jewel spins and glows green, but nothing happens. After a short delay a cloud of toxic gas erupts around the target 3
    6 Change Environment, 64" Radius - The jewel glows brightly and then a wide area is suddenly illuminated by sunlight 3

Combined: OAF Jewel (-1), Independent (-2)

Active Cost = 9; Real Cost = 37

Keystone of Fortitude

This slim, polished piece of granite is shaped like the cap stone at the top of an arch. It is firmly attached to an iron chain that can be looped around the head like a necklace or fastened to a belt. The stone has the magical property of increasing the physical resilience of its owner, especially against normal attacks. It also provides protection against transformation attacks, and increases his physical strength.


  • +5 rPD/+5 rED Damage Resistance
  • 25% Physical Damage Reduction
  • 25% Energy Damage Reduction
  • Density Increase (10 pts), 0 END Persistent (+1)
  • 3d6 Suppress Transform, 0 END (+1) Persistent, Always On (-1/2)

Combined: OAF Stone (-1), Independent (-2), Must have connction to earth (-1/4)

Active Cost = 75; Real Cost = 16

Ladle of Purity

A favorite of paranoid rulers, this polished copper ladle will instantly purge any toxins from beverages served in its cup.


  • 2d6 Minor Transform, Purify any Toxin (+1/4), 0 END Persistent (+1), Always On (-1/2), No Range (-1/2), Only versus liquids served from cup (-1/4), OAF Ladle (-1), Independent (-2)

Active Cost = 45; Real Cost = 9

Mask of Storms

This porcelane mask is decorated visage with the distorted features of an anguished spirit. The culture that created this mask worshipped the wind spirits and their shamen could control many aspects of the weather. This mask has acquired some of their abilities and can be used to manipulate the outdoor elements.


  • Elemental Control (35 pts) - Weather
    • Change Environment, 64-hex Radius, Variable (+1), Only moderate weather conditions (-1/2) - control weather
    • 1d6+1 RKA, Only if overcast (-1) - call lightning
    • 3" Radius Darkness to Sight, Not in dry conditions (-1/4) - mist
    • 2d6 Suppression, Affects any Fire Powers (+2), Area Effect (Radius) (+1), Only if overcast (-1) - drenching rain
    • 2d6 EB, NND (Appropriate Life Support) (+1), Area Effect (Radius) (+1), Continuous (+1), Variable Special Effects (Extreme Weather) (+1/4) - extreme weather
    • 20 STR Telekinesis, Area Effect (Radius) (+1), Effects all parts of target (-1/4) - Strong winds

Combined: Not in enclosed environment (-1/2), Gestures (-1/4), Incantations (-1/4), Extra Time: 1 turn (-1), OIF Mask (-1/2), Independent (-2), Mask limits peripheral vision (-1 to sight PER) (-1/4).

Active Cost = 186; Real Cost = 26

Mechanical Owl

When first discovered, this appears to be an inert polished metal statue of an owl. Upon pressing the proper sequence of tiny switches on the back, however, the device comes alive and will loyally serve its new owner.


  • Summon Mechanical Bird (Owl, 75 pts), Gestures (Switch Sequence) (-1/4), OAF Statue, Expended (replaced by mechanical owl) (-1-1/2), Independent (-2)

Active Cost = 45; Real Cost = 9

Medallion of Inconspicuousness

This elaborate silver medallion holds a sky blue oval porcellain cameo disk with the white silouette of a double-faced person. The face on the left is that of a woman, while that on the right is a man. When worn about the neck by its sturdy chain, the medallion bestows the magical ability to remain virtually anonymous and avoid all but the most powerful forms of magical detection.


  • Shapeshift, Same Sex and Gender, Not when viewed via mirror (-1/2)
  • Invisiblility to Sight Group, No Fringe, 0 END Persistent, Only when viewed using Clairsentience (-1)
  • +20 Mental Defense, Only versus Mind Scan (-1)

Combined: OIF Medallion (-1/2), Independent (-2)

Active Cost = 120; Real Cost = 27

Mirror of Blinding

This oval-shaped silver mirror is roughly a half meter in height and slightly less than that in width. It is contained in a solid bronze frame with an elaborate bevel. Neither the mirror nor the frame will ever tarnish. Any being who views his own reflection in this mirror is momentarily blinded.


  • 2d6 Flash to Sight Group, 0 END Persistent (+1), Area Effect (Hex in front of mirror) (+1/2), Always On (-1/2), No Range (-1/2), Target must view own reflection in mirror (-1), OAF Mirror (-1), Independent (-2)

Active Cost = 50; Real Cost = 8

Mirror of Distortion

This cursed mirror resembles a curved carnival mirror that makes any viewer look strangely distorted. While the reflection can be amusing to see, the mirror has the horrible effect of making the reflection become real. The features of a characters face become stretched and warped, producing effects such as a very long jaw, pronounced brow, oddly thin face, a long beaked nose, and so on. The result is a greatly reduced comeliness lasting for many years. Only the aid of magic can be used to restore a characters face to normal.


  • 1d6 Drain COM, Recover 5/Decade (+2+1/2), 0 END Persistent (+1), Area Effects (Hex in front of mirror) (+1/2), Always On (-1/2), No Range (-1/2), Target must view own reflection in mirror (-1/2), OAF Curved Mirror (-1), Independent (-2)

Active Cost = 50; Real Cost = 9

Necklace of Absorbtion

This fine necklace holds a jade gorget that is shaped as two intertwined dragons locked in mortal combat. The necklace is supported by several strings of jade beads forming an intricate band. When worn, the necklace has the magical ability to lessen and repair the damage from a lethal injury.


  • 3d6 Absorbtion to Healing per turn, OAF Necklace (-1), Independent (-2)

Active Cost = 45; Real Cost = 11

Necklace of Brilliance

This necklace has the appearance of a string of softly glowing pearls. When worn around the neck, this jewelry bestows upon its owner several useful powers based on light. He can create a glare that will make him difficult to see, produce a blinding flash of light, create several glowing light forms, and project an opaque sphere of light. All these powers draw their energy from the stones which must be periodically recharged by a lengthy exposure to a light source.


  • Elemental Control (22 pts) - Light Powers
    • Change Environment 4" radius - Light, 0 END Persistent (+1), Only from exposed necklace (-1/4), Always On (-1/2), No Range (-1/2) - glowing pearls
    • +4 DCV, Costs END (-1/2), Incantations (-1/4), Only when attacked from front (-1/4), 2 END from Reserve (+0) - glare
    • 2d6 Flash to Sight, Area Effect (6" Cone) (+1), Personal Immunity (+1/4), No Range (-1/2), Incantations (-1/4), 4 END from Reserve (+0) - blinding flash
    • Images to Sight, Only to create glowing forms (-1), Gestures (-1/4), Incantations (-1/4), 1 END from Reserve (+0) - glowing forms
    • Darkness to Sight Group, Gestures (-1/4), Incantations (-1/4), 1 END from Reserve (+0) - sphere of light
  • END Reserve (40 END, 1 REC), END recovers per minute (-1/2), No REC in darkness (-1/4)

Combined: OIF Necklace (-1/2), Independent (-2)

Active Cost = 85; Real Cost = 19

Orb of Havoc

This powerful crystal orb is firmly held in the jaws of a dragon's head made of bronze. The powers of this device are designed to produce great disorder among the enemies' ranks. The bronze base is quite heavy and is usually stood upon a platform prior to the start of battle.

Prior to each activation some warm blood must be splashed on the orb. This is followed by some incantations in the mysterious language of magic.


  • Multipower Framework (60 pts) - Battle Havoc. Fixed Slots:
    • 10" Teleportation, Useable Against Others (+1), x4 Mass (+1/2), Range (+1/2), No more than 1" elevation change (-1/2) - 4 END
    • 2d6 Entangle, Area Effect (6" Radius, Selective Target) (+1+1/2), Transparent to Attacks (+1/2) - 6 END
    • Summon Insect Swarm (51 pts), Range (+1/2) - 6 END
    • -4 PER Images to Sight Group, 8" Radius (+3/4), Only to blur sight (-1/2) - 6 END
    • -8 PER Images to Sight and Touch, Only to change weapon into a snake (-1) - 4 END
    • 2d6 Drain Running, Area Effect (Cone, Selective Target) (+1+1/4), Personal Immunity (+1/4), No Range (-1/2) - 5 END
    • 12d6 Mind Control, Only to cause target to attack a friend (-1/2) - 6 END
    • Shapeshift, Any Humanoid, Useable by 8 Others (+1), Range (+1/2) - 5 END
    • Missile Reflection, All Ranged Attacks, Adjacent Attacks (+1/2), Costs END (-1/2), Only versus magical attacks (-1/2) - 6 END
    • 8 PD/0 ED Force Wall, Transparent to Energy-based attacks (+1/2) - 3 END

Combined: Gestures (Splash blood on Orb) (-1/4), Incantations (-1/4), Extra Time: Full Phase (-1/2), OAF Orb, Warm Blood, Bulky (-1-1/2), Independent (-2)

Active Cost = 60; Real Cost = 21

Pipe of Smoking

This handsome wood pipe is carved in the shape of a wise old man. When lit, the pipe allows the smoker to create clouds of magical smoke that have various deleterious effects on the character's opponents.

The pipe can create four types of dense smoke clouds: a cloud that obscures sight, a cloud of choking smoke, a cloud of confusing smoke, and a cloud that will reveal the presence of invisible beings. With some skill the smoker can also make hypnotic rings of smoke. It will allow the smoker to turn himself into a heavy cloud of smoke that is all but invulnerable to attack. While in this form can float through any narrow cracks. Finally, the pipe can allow the smoker to gain a state of deep contemplation.


  • Elemental Control (20 pts) - Smoke-based Powers
    • +10 INT, Costs END (-1/2), 0 DCV Concentrate Throughout (-1/2) - 1 END, Smoke of Contemplation
    • 6d6 Mind Control, No Verbal Component (+1/4), Only to watch smoke ring (-1/2), Requires DEX roll (-1/2) - 4 END, Smoke Rings
    • Images to Sight Group, 8" Radius (+3/4), Only to obscure sight (-1/2) - 3 END, Blinding Smoke
    • 3d6 EB, NND (Appropriate life support, Hold breath) (+1), Area (Hex) (+1/2) - 4 END, Choking Smoke
    • 3d6 Drain INT, Explosion (+1/2) - 4 END, Confusing Smoke
    • See Invisible to Sight, Range, Targeting, Costs END (-1/2), Reduced by Range (-1 PER/1") (-1/4) - 3 END, Revealing Wisps
    • Desolidification (Vulnerable to winds and all magic except attacks against PD), Can only move through barriers if there are cracks (-1/4) - 4 END, Smoky Body

Combined: Gestures Throughout (Puff on pipe) (-1/2), Extra Time: Full Phase (-1/2), Not in strong winds (-1/4), OAF Lit Pipe (-1), Independent (-2)

Active Cost = 142; Real Cost = 28

Quill of Forgery

This magical quill allows the owner to produce an almost indistinguishable duplicate of any writing. The ink and paper used must match that of the document being forged, however.


  • Forgery 17-, OAF Quill, Ink (-1), Independent (-2)

Active Cost = 9; Real Cost = 2

Rabbit's Foot Charm

This simple magical charm bestows a degree of luck on its wearer. Many of these charms are little more than useless trinkets and it requires a knowledgeable person to distinguish the two.


  • 1d6 Luck, OIF Rabbit's Foot (-1/2), Independent (-2)

Active Cost = 5; Real Cost = 1

Rope of Reaching

This seemingly ordinary rope can perform several useful actions for its owner, one at a time. It can climb a wall and secure itself to a projection. It can also cross a chasm and secure itself at both ends to provide a tight rope. The rope can also be commanded to attack a foe and wrap him in its folds. Finally, the rope can grab and tighten a foe in a very constrictive hold. Upon command, the magical rope will fold itself back into a neat bundle.


  • Multipower Framework (52 pts) - Rope Tricks. Fixed slots:
    • Clinging, Area Effect (Line) (+1), Useable Against Others, x16 Mass (+2), Range (+1/2), 0 END (+1/2), Only Vertical Line (-1/2), Only versus creatures that can hold rope (-1/4), Only if anchor at top (-1/4) - Climb Wall
    • 10 PD/0 ED Force Wall, Transparent to Energy Attacks (+1/2), 0 END (+1/2), Only for thin horizontal surface (-1), Requires Acrobatics or Climbing Roll to cross without falling off (-1/2), Only if anchors at both ends (-1/2) - Tightrope
    • 4d6 Entangle, Both Take Damage (+1/4) - 4 END, Entangle
    • 25 STR Telekinesis, 1/2 END (+1/4), Only for Grab (-1/2) - 2 END, Constriction

Combined: Range limited to 5" (-1/4), Incantations (-1/4), OAF 10" Rope (-1), Independent (-2)

Active Cost = 52; Real Cost = 16

Scarf of Sliding

This dashing soft white scarf has several uses, including as a neck warmer, a bandera, and as a head cover. While wearing this scarf, the character has the ability to slide quietly and quickly over any smooth surfaces. This slide makes is more difficult to maneuver, however, and the turning radius rules must be applied.


  • 8" Flight, Invisible Power Effects (All) (+1), 1/2 END (1/5") (+1/4), Only to slide across relatively smooth surfaces (-1)
  • +2 to Shadowing and Stealth skills, Only across relatively smooth surfaces (-1)

Combined: OIF Scarf (-1/2), Independent (-2)

Active Cost = 42; Real Cost = 9

Skull Buckle

This unusual silver belt buckle bears the face of a human skull with faintly glowing rubies inlaid inside the eye sockets. The buckle requires a belt nearly 0.1m wide. When the buckle is exposed to sight, it will bestow upon its wearer certain necromantic abilities. These include command over undead and protection against their life draining attacks. It also allows the wearer to perform a deathly touch that will chill to the bone. Characters seen wearing this buckle will receive a strong negative reaction from members of "good" religions.


  • +20 PRE, Only versus beings with afterLife support (-1)
  • +10 Power Defense, Only versus Drain attacks from beings with afterLife support (-1)
  • 3d6 STUN Drain, No Range (-1/2), Only versus living creatures (-1/2)

Combined: Only when buckle is exposed and worn around the waist with a wide belt (-1/4), Not on ground sanctified to a "good" religion (-1/4), OIF Buckle (-1/2), Independent (-2).

Active Cost = 60; Real Cost = 12

Skullcap of the Mind Wizards

This silver trimmed red cap fits snugly across the head, forming a close contact with the wearer's skull. The cap allows the wearer to activate a number of powerful mental powers, but requires high intelligence or steady concentration to activate and control. If the wearer is unable to properly use the device he receives a severe mental backlash.


  • Elemental Control (25 pts) - Mental Powers
    • +15 Mental Defense
    • Mental Awareness
    • 3d6 Ego Attack - 3 END
    • 6d6 Telepathy - 3 END
    • 8d6 Mind Control, Doesn't require verbal communication (+1/4) - 5 END
    • 10d6 Mental Illusions - 5 END
    • 12 STR Telekinesis, Fine Manipulation - 3 END
    • Invisibility to Mind Scan - 2 END

Combined: -2 Variable Limitations (-1), Variable limitations are limited to: Concentration, Increased END Cost, and Requires an EGO-based Skill Roll (-1/4), IAF Skullcap (-1/2), Visible (-1/4), Independent (-2), Side Effect: (3d6 STUN Drain) (-1/2)

Active Cost = 139; Real Cost = 28

Spike of Security

This slender copper spike must be thrust into the ground in order to activate its magical power. After concentrating for a moment, the owner of this item can bring into being an illusionary bubble that merges with the surrounding terrain. The interior of the bubble can be set to any mild weather condition and time of day that the character desires.


  • Change Environment, 4" Radius, Any Weather Condition and Light Level (+1), 0 END Persistent (+1)
  • Images to Sight Group, x4 Radius (+1/2), 0 END Persistent (+1), Only to create masking, static hallucinatory terrain when viewed from outside (-1/2), No Range (-1/2), Linked to Change Environment (-1/2)

Combined: 1/2 DCV Concentrate (-1/4), Must be planted in ground (-1/2), OAF Cone (-1), Independent (-2)

Active Cost = 110; Real Cost = 21

Stallion Statuette

A very fine jade statuette of a young stallion rearing and kicking its front legs, this magical item allows the owner to summon a light warhorse once a day that will serve only the owner for a period of 12 hours before vanishing. Upon speaking the word of invocation, a horse will appear wearing a saddle plus bit and bridle. A different horse is summoned each day, so if a mount is slain the statuette can be used to call a new mount the following day.


  • Summon Light Warhorse (97 pts), Incantations (Command Word) (-1/4), Single Charge/Day (-2)
  • 16d6 Dispel Summoning, Time Delay (12 hours) (+1/4), Only to dispel summoned warhorse (-1/2), Linked to Summon (-1/2)
  • 3d6 Aid to PRE, Lose 1/hour (+1), Linked to Summon (-1/2), Only versus summoned warhorse (-3/4)

Combined: OAF Statuette (-1), Independent (-2)

Active Cost = 140; Real Cost = 26

Trick Hat

This fine black hat has the magical property that a small animal can be drawn from inside by the possessor. An unlimited number of such animals can be drawn from within the hat.


  • Summoning, Any Very Small Animal (+1/4), 0 END (+1/2), Gestures (-1/4), Extra Time: Full Phase (-1/2), OAF Hat (-1), Independent (-2)

Active Cost = 52; Real Cost = 11

Urn of Undead Summoning

At first sight this appears to be an ordinary bronze funeral urn. Opening the hinged lid will reveal fine ashes nearly filling the hollow urn. After a few moments the ashes begin to stir and some odd, wispy lights slowly wind their way out of the urn. These lights coallesce into some form of undead creature that will immediately attack the nearest target.

To determine the type undead, roll 3d6 and consult the list below.


  • Summon (100 pts), Any Undead (+1/4), 0 END (+1/2), Trigger (Lid Opened) (+1/4), Undead type chosen at random from table below (-1/4), OAF Urn, Bulky (-1-1/2), Independent (-2), Always On (-1/2)
  • 3d6 Roll Type Summoned
    3-8Summon Skeleton
    9-10Summon Ghoul
    11Summon Wight
    12-13Summon Shadow
    14-15Summon Mummy
    16-17Summon Lesser Vampire
    18Summon Special or Reroll

Active Cost = 100; Real Cost = 19

Wizard's Hat

This cone-shaped hat is violet in hue and is decorated with a pentagram and several astrological signs. The hat is clearly the garb of a practitioner of magic, and so may be very undesirable gear in certain cultures. However, it bestows upon its wearer several magical abilities that make it a valued accessory. In addition to improving the wearers overall skill level in magic, the cap allows him to modify two of the attributes of the spell. These attributes are: effort required, maximum range, affects desolidified, difficulty in dispelling, visibility of the power effects, and delay in activation. The wizard will still need to pay the modified END cost and adjust the skill roll appropriately. (Each power adds +20 to the active cost for a spell.) It also requires a full phase to change which two of the attributes will be modified.


  • +2 to all magic skills
  • Multipower Framework (40 pts) - Spell Attributes. Fixed slots:
    • Apply 1/2 END to any magic spell with 40 active points or less
    • Apply 5x Increased maximum range to any magic spell with 80 active points or less
    • Apply Affects Desolidified to any magic spell with 40 active points or less
    • Apply x2 Difficult to Dispel to any magic spell with 80 active points or less
    • Apply Invisible Power Effects (sight group) to any magic spell with 40 active points or less
    • Apply Time delay to any magic spell with 80 active points or less

Combined: OIF Hat (-1/2), Independent (-2)

Active Cost = 55; Real Cost = 19

Xylstra's Magical Eye

This special magic eye was created by the mage Xylstra for his queen who had lost the use of one eye. The eye has enhanced senses and is designed to magically blend almost invisibly with the normal functioning eye. It must be placed in an empty eye socket in order to function, however, so this eye has little use for individuals who are unwilling to part with one of their natural eyes.


  • Normal Sight
  • Ultraviolet Sight
  • Telescopic Sense, +4 to offset range penalities, Sight Group
  • +2 to perception with magical eye

Combined: Eye must be worn in empty eye socket (-1/2), IIF Eye (-1/4), Independent (-2)

Active Cost = 22; Real Cost = 6