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Nagon Delta

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Lizard Men and Minotaurs


Much of the land of the Nagon Delta is swamp and marsh, due to the two large rivers that pass from east to west. The larger of these flows, known as the Nagon River, creates a huge, grassy marsh filled with winding tributaries. At the southern edge of the Nagon Marsh lies the long Idiwael Lake, a home to a great variety and wealth of birds.

The smaller of the two flows, known as the Horne River, creates a densely forested swamp that is home to many unusually large Alligators and other wildlife. It is this marshy land that is home to the southern capital of the land, known as Siariss.

The northern hill country of the Nagon Delta is covered in fens, with soil that is poor for growing crops. The dry land between the two rivers is highly disected, with many gulleys creating an impossible maze. It is in this poor earth were the kingdom of the Minotaur have made their home. The maze of gulleys limits the use of cavalry in the area, and is very difficult to navigate through. Deep in the heart of this country is the northern capitol, a low, fortified city known as Aier Bullirn.


Nagon Delta is a relatively young nation, and was formed from the Lizardmen land of Tsikarass and the Minotaur land of Andulhorn by an alliance between the two royal families. They have since fought their common enemy of Mirak together on many occasions, but have continued to lose ground.

Recently the Kings of this nation have begun to fear that the Mirak armies would direct their attentions toward Ormus in an effort to further encircle the Nagon Delta. The Kings decided to launch a punitive expedition into Ormus in an effort to counter this strategy. However, their invading army was badly beaten by the light forces of Ormus and forced to retreat.


With the Lizardmen and Minotaurs of this region threatened by the encroaching armies of the nation of Mirak, the leaders of the two peoples forged a pact in common cause against the invaders. The resulting nation is ruled by two hereditary Kings, with each sharing the same advisors. The Kings dwell in the same palace, but this moves between the two cities every three years.

The King of the Lizardmen is known as Osariss, while the Minotaur King is announced as Eirtoug the Mighty. They are both descended from a long line of royalty, and their extensive heritage is a source of much pride to both. Their common advisors consist of two representatives from each of their peoples, plus a neutral mediator and diplomat from Carmun.


The Lizardmen are all tough fighters, and maintain a small standing army of swordsmen armed with Falchion and Buckler. On the other hand, the Minotaurs have never maintained a regular army, and tend to operate poorly in formations. Instead the Minotaur attack as a horde of individual fighters, attempting to sweep aside any opposition by shear physical power.

Neither group has any cavalry or archer formations. Instead they hire mercenary regiments to serve in this land when they are being invaded.


Due to recent conflicts, the Kings of the Nagon Delta have poor relations with Mirak and Ormus. Improved trade has led to good relations with Narak-Zagul and Carmun. However, this has created some bad feelings in Uranorn and Llowar'ah Sadaal. Due to some diplomatic incidents, they also have poor relations with Ar-Abel and Atquila.


The Lizardmen produce some rare medicinals that are exported for trade goods. The Minotaurs hve begun to mine some rich deposits of tin and precious gems. In return, many arms are imported from Narak-Zagul.


The Lizardmen worship Lhuxfiss, a two-faced deity that is actually a cross between Kalidren and Krog'dah. This duality of identity creates an internal conflict within their society that is yet to be resolved. The Minotaur culture worships as'Tanash, Baruth: the God of Strength, and Shixza. There are smallers followings for Miaht, who has lost favor in Minotaur society.


The Lizardmen shamans perform a bizarre form of magic that is known as the "Cult of the Snake". To cast a spell, the Lizardmen inbibe a specially prepared mixture of ground herbs and snake toxins known as Dark Choruk. This drink will place the Lizardman into an elevated mental state that resembles a coma. While in this state he is all but immune to external disturbances and so is capable of creating binding spells of great power. However, he is very vulnerable to attack while under the influence of the Dark Charuk, so he must be protected.

The Minotaur rely on brute physical strength to achieve their goals, so they have little use for magic.