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This is a links portal to various world-building information, with a few personal projects of my own listed at the bottom. I do try to keep this page fairly up to date, but on occasion some links still break. If you know of a good site that I could add, please send me a friendly e-mail with the link path. Thanks! --Bob (Last updated 09may08.)
General Directories  
  Guides & Articles
Construction Tools & Resources  
  Map Making
Useful References  
  The Past
The Future  
  Personal Projects
  • Adelfarn - a fantasy setting in the form of a teleporting town.
  • After Earth - a post-apocalyptic setting in the solar system.
  • Diadamon Pantheon - general pantheon usable in various settings.
  • Fantasy Maps - various fantasy maps at different scales.
  • Fantasy Web World Ratings - a rating of various fantasy web worlds by four categories. (No longer maintained.)
  • Karnia - early construction phase of a world setting.
  • World Setting Ideas - a list of ideas that can be used in fantasy world settings.

This web site is for any fantasy world design and building project for constructing a role-play game setting.