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World Setting Ideas

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The following table is a small list of ideas that you can feel free to incorporate into your world setting. Click on the images in the left column to view a more extensive description of the concept. If you have some interesting suggestions to add, please mail them to me. Thank you.

Unusual Settings - The number of possible unique world settings is endless. Here are just a few of the many possibilities.
Godspike - A towering spike of glassy rock where the gods infused the lands with life. The spike is the source of all magical energy in the lands and imbues the local region with chaotic energy and unusual effects.
Library of Antiquaria - This magnificent library is located on an isolated island group and is protected by several wards. All who enter this repository of ancient knowledge will leave with no memory of their visit.
Castle of Ice - In the far north lies a frozen isle where a great castle of ice can be found. The castle is the home of a ice elementalist and his minions and hides a secret gate that allows travel between the planes.
Teleporting Town - A device has been built that allows a piece of land containing a town to be teleported anywhere in the world. The land merges seemlessly with the surrounding terrain. As a result of its travels, the town has become quite an eclectic place of diverse peoples, architectures, and beliefs.
Shadow Moon - This is a hollow, crystalline moon that absorbs all forms of radiation and converts it into magical energy or internal light and heat. The exterior is utterly black to normal sight and exerts no tidal force on its parent body. Most observers will not even be aware it exists.
Lithomorphs - Drifting in the prevailing winds deep in the interior of the continent, the immense forms of the Lithomorphs float among the wispy clouds. Barely recognizable as life forms, the magical Lithomorphs are literally flying mountains.
Dimension Town Dimension Town - This crystalline sphere contains an unusually shaped planetoid on which floats a single island. At the center of the island a group of gnomes have built a town on top of the mountain. Access to this dimension is via magical rings which are distributed to adventurers by a pair of elven sorcerers living here.
Nulyani Nulyani - A nation ruled by a nobility with mentalism powers. The wizards of the land have been enslaved by the Nulyani and serve the whims of the rulers. The peasantry, however, has developed some immunity to the mental powers of the rulers and this decadent land is on the brink of insurrection.