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Searching for an online campaign setting can be a exhaustive task as there are so many from which to choose. I decided I'd try rating as many of these worlds as I could find to see who came came out on top. These ratings are obviously weighted to my particular preferences, however, so your opinion will probably differ.

No professional sites are rated here. This is partly because they are exhaustively reviewed elsewhere, but also because they would require a much stronger rating standard. These rated web worlds are created by dedicated amateurs who decided to post their settings for everyone to enjoy.

I rated each site with four different attributes to try and capture their strengths and weaknesses:

Support This is the level of detail, the quantity of material, the amount of upkeep, and the availability of useful setting aids. Small, unfinished web sites with only a few adequately developed locales and denizens will receive a low rating.
Originality A measure of the creativity, uniqueness, and rich texture of the setting, plus how well it inspires an interest. Settings that are little more than derivative works will get low marks.
Artistry The quantity and quality of maps and illustrations, as well as the skill and polish displayed in the web site layout. A few crude maps and a poor or awkward web interface results in a lower rating.
Consistency How complete and integrated is the setting? Are the parts in agreement or are there some glaring contradictions? Is the text properly edited and the spelling checked? If the text has many blatant errors that should have been caught and fixed, then the score will be lower.

The attributes are rated on a scale of one to five, with five being the best. For an arbitrary average baseline, my fantasy setting of Adelfarn was given a score of three in each category. A site that beats Adelfarn will get a higher score. Settings that beat Adelfarn on all four scores gain a gold cup marker. Those that at least match Adelfarn in all scores and beat it in at least one get the silver cup marker.

Note that these worlds were viewed using the Netscape 4.71 browser, so in some cases the appearances will no doubt differ when HTML customizations are employed. This is my current browser and so the presentations are rated accordingly. Several of the worlds were almost unreadable or caused the browser to exit. These are noted at the bottom of this page, along with other exceptions.

I took little account of the potential of the world in these reviews since I usually have no way of knowing if progress is being made or if the world has been abandoned. Thus the current state of the site is likely to differ from when it was actually reviewed. If you have an issue with any of these reviews or want to notify me of a link change, please send me a friendly e-mail. Thank you for your interest.


S Support O Originality
A Artistry C Consistency

Fantasy Setting Reviews

The fantasy settings shown here were rated on the listed date, and may have been updated or even removed since that time. To save space, the abbreviations listed in the table to the right are used in the headers on the list below. Sites which could no longer be found have their link removed but not the rating information. The list is in reverse alphabetical order just to be different from the usual web link pages. (Last update: 5/13/2003).

Setting S O A C Date Current Scope and Cursory Remarks
Zazairian 1 2 2 1 17jan00 Continent: Single uninspiring b/w map. No information whatsoever on the nations. One race and two gods fully detailed. Needs a spelling check.
Zam 3 3 2 2 27jun02 World: A moderate amount of content but organized in an encyclopedic format. Very difficult to get the big picture. Many entries have little material. Some city and building maps. Not readily useable for campaigning except by the author.
Ythérra 3 3 4 3 17jan00 World: Difficult to use due to encyclopedic organization all on one page. Good workable maps. A general overview would be helpful. The text needs some editing.
Ynni 2 2 4 2 27jun02 Continent: Beautiful maps. Insufficient detail to run a campaign.
Xharvania 4 4 4 4 21jan00 Continent: Good design and content with lots of detail. Single wargame-style continent map. A few topics left unfinished. Several useful extras.
2 2 2 2 27jun02 Multiple Worlds: High level overview of several worlds that are linked together. Usable maps and general details of a few nations. Needs a core campaign area. Overly ambitious for such a modicum of details.
World 4 2 2 3 18jan00 World: Wargame-style maps with no site names. Lots of tactical historical detail. Vanilla interface. Difficult to get a handle on the big picture.
2 2 3 3 18jan00 Continent: World description from an observers perspective. Needs a good, useable map. Not enough info to run a campaign.
Witchgate 4 5 3 4 01jun01 Continent: Based on commercial world of Talislanta. Simple maps. Good amount of content. A little hard to read in places due to color contrast. Lots of extras.
2 3 4 2 22oct02 Region: A moderately developed campaign setting with a nice pantheon. Only a single, good quality map. Not much information about settlements, sites of interest, or cultural details.
Vincula 1 1 3 1 03aug00 Continent: Nice CC2 maps. No other content.
Verduria 3 4 3 4 23may01 Nation: Good language development. Decent level of detail. Simple graphics but good maps. Drill down only takes you to the focus nation and city.
Vale of
3 4 2 3 06oct00 Land: Basic but functional layout. Badly needs a map. Nice work on the setting and background but more details are needed.
Umbagollah 3 4 4 4 21oct02 Region: A setting I found a trifle on the odd side, but others may enjoy. Nice layout and lots of unusual information on the various locations.
Vadaris 2 3 1 2 24aug00 World: Most text has ugly centered alignment. A geographic intro and some world details, but mostly bits and pieces. Solid pantheon. No maps that I could find. Plenty of gaming extras.
Tzalmir 3 3 2 3 11aug00 Nation: Geographical information in encyclopedia format, but accessible via basic clickable maps. Most areas lightly detailed. Nice collection of legends and rumors. Some extras.
Tu 2 3 2 1 06nov00 World: Mostly consists of vignettes. Plain but useable maps. No real geographic details. So-so interface.
Truerth 2 3 3 3 03nov00 Continent: Another defunct group project. Some areas of interest but not enough development. Nice web site.
Trainz 2 2 2 2 27jun02 Continent: Basic layout; rough continent map; several settlements mapped and given brief descriptions; no real overview and minimal cultural details. Broken image links.
Tragoth 3 3 2 2 03nov00 Continent: many broken image links. Plain but workable interface. Several areas of interesting detail, but limited info on the actual geography.
Thystra 3 4 3 4 03nov00 World: Dingy but clickable world map. Pretty good amount of information on most areas. Nice organization. Could use a detailed campaign area. Gaming extras.
5 3 3 4 13may03 Continent: Good amount of information. nice layout. Clickable map, but it is too small at the highest scale to make out details. Individual maps are somewhat plain.
Thalassos 1 1 2 1 11aug00 World: Fractal-generated map. Broken title link. Cluttered first page. Description from designers point of view. No useful world details.
2 2 2 3 09aug00 Continent: european medieval fantasy. Nation descriptions consist of category lists with little or no text descriptions. Good timelines. Some fluff. A number of game-related information.
2 3 3 2 09aug00 Sub-Continent: Blotchy maps need a terrain key. No geographic information found. Good detail on a few of the deities. A number of gaming extras. Broken links.
4 4 3 3 23oct02 World: A large, sprawling site with much scattered information. I could only find a single, small map. Nice format on the pages, although some do not display in all browsers. It can be a little awkward finding specifics, and I'm not fond of the encyclopedia approach for information. Doesn't seem to be much information on the nations or cultures. Plenty of extras though.
Telvar 2 2 2 3 02aug00 Region: Branching travel organization. No maps. Only general overview of locations with little detail.
Tasnarica 2 2 3 2 21oct02 Continent: Nice appearance, but I couldn't find a great deal of information. Encyclopedia format, but divided into topics.
Taratikan 2 2 3 2 15oct02 Continent: Some nice aspects but in need of further development. It could use an introduction and details on the geography and national cultures. Graphics are nice but some inconsistencies with text formating. Several extras.
Tarania 1 2 2 3 02oct00 Region: No information on the actual setting, just some religious and racial details. A couple of blocky maps. Some gaming extras.
Tanaeum 4 5 4 5 05apr02 Region: Web site appears good, but at the moment it's basically a front end for a PDF document describing the setting. The campaign guide is a solid, well-crafted piece of work with plenty of detail. My only gripe would be the lack of a world map, and the somewhat grainy appearance of the nation maps.
Talenorn 2 1 1 2 29mar02 Region: Information organized in the form of a glossary. Average map. Not much content.
Tabolport 2 2 1 2 08mar02 City: collaborative project consisting of little more than a bunch of text files. There's material here but you need to search through the folders to find what is what. ASCII maps.
Sylnae 2 3 5 2 22oct02 World: Very nice clickable map with about a page of information on each area. The visual appearance is quite good with eye pleasing graphics. Only a small amount of detail, however, and in need of more development.
Sutenland 3 4 3 4 23may03 Subcontinent: Only displays properly in IE. Workable maps; information is all on one page; peculiar capitalizations; plenty of details, although sketchy in many places. Looks like a useable source for a campaign setting.
2 2 3 3 02oct00 Continent: Nice appearance despite ill-fitting frames. Plenty of good quality CC2 maps, although more, clearer labels needed. Not much content.
2 3 1 2 24sep02 World: Similar concept to Shards. Fairly vanilla interface, but good organization. No maps and only two islands with any detail. Some interesting elements but needs more development.
Sulerin 4 5 4 4 23may03 Continent: Impressive clickable atlas of maps. Good detail on some cultures, world lore, and the pantheon. Some parts unfinished. Many good gaming extras.
Stormlands 3 4 2 2 31oct00 World: Crude but useable maps in some places, and could use a general world map. Some interesting areas but not enough detail overall. Good overall appearance and organization. A number of interesting details and gaming extras.
Solis 2 4 4 2 17oct02 City: A far from finished description of a city setting, but what is there is intriguing and could potentially be transfered to other cities. Several hand-drawn maps that are mostly of good quality, as well as various colorful vignettes.
Sinthal 2 1 1 1 12mar02 World: Drill down a bit and you'll get to Sinthal. Unfortunately the horrific background image makes it all but unreadable. There are adequate maps; some content; practically nothing in the way of geographic detail; some extras.
Sheinar 2 5 3 3 18aug00 Islands: Good layout and interesting concept. Small amount of content, but what is there is done nicely. Some campaign ideas needed and maybe a few detailed locations.
Shards 3 3 2 2 11sep02 Setting: One of my favorite setting categories - rocks floating in a great sea of air. A moderate amount of setting development, but many unfinished areas. Average graphics and no maps of the shards that I could find. Some extras.
Shamost 2 2 1 1 02aug00 World: Vanilla site with no maps and bits and pieces of a setting. Some details, including a city.
Shadlen 2 3 3 2 02aug00 Continent: Plenty of maps and nice layout. Only some areas have any information, and most are under construction. A few extras. It's a decent start but needs more work and greater detail.
Saromatia 3 3 2 3 25jun02 Nation: Only a single, rough map. Basic interface but servicable with a good organization. Very campaign-oriented writeup. Nice cultural details. Part of a larger setting that lacks cohesion but is well written.
Sarandur 3 3 3 3 02aug00 Sub-Continent: Nice b/w maps. Fair level of detail in primary campaign area and civilization. Good pantheon and NPC list. Not much on the geography.
Santharia 3 3 3 3 03oct00 World: Most information in a glossary, so it is difficult to get an overall feel for the place. Nation information good but needs more detailing. Slow interface with many frames. Good start but many parts needing further attention. Unfinished collection of nice b/w maps.
Rekalos 1 1 2 1 31oct00 Region: Just a couple of maps with zero useful content.
Rathora 2 3 1 2 02apr02 Continent: Center-aligned text. Only a modest amount of cultural information. Brief descriptions of multiple cities. Decent pantheon. Maps are crude but serviceable.
Raskia 2 2 3 2 02jul02 Sub-continent: Basic map with clickable content. Not much detail on the nations. Not sufficiently developed for others to use as a setting.
Raieh Pending...
Quellorn 2 3 2 3 08jun01 World: Modelled after the earth. Vanilla maps and many areas with only sketchy details. Some interesting bits but you'll need to browse a bit. Nice layout.
Quarterland 2 2 1 2 16sep02 Continent: Graphically plain site with only one continent having any detail. Fairly sparse information with no maps. A fair quantity of extra material.
Qaiyore 3 3 3 3 07jun01 Continent: Good effort but uneven. Group-developed world with each nation detailed by one person. Consistent interface. Overview map is hard to read. Most nations scantily detailed if at all. Some good information here and there, especially in the Mythos.
Prydain 2 3 2 3 03feb00 Continent: Several countries described. Good Pantheon. Broken links limit usefulness.
Prosópora 1 1 2 1 03feb00 Continent: Simple maps. Sketchy descriptions. Negligible information.
Primaterra 1 2 2 1 28oct02 Region: Not much content on the setting, and only a few sketchy maps. Needs much more content before it can be used for a campaign. Some extras.
Predain 3 4 4 3 13jun01 World: Well organized but emphasis on game system particulars rather than setting details. Nicely illustrated and a clean, simple map. General overview of the nations, but no tactical information. Lots of extras.
Portent 2 3 1 2 08aug00 Sub-continent: Vanilla site. Plain b/w maps show no political details. Good level of political information and writeup on portents, but most other details lacking.
Peledir 1 2 2 1 18aug00 World: Bit of a confusing start page. Decent b/w map but not much content. Just a general overview. No topic links I could find.
Pancreas 3 4 3 3 18aug00 World: Nice layout and a moderate amount of information on the setting. Needs a better political map. Some interesting topics but more development needed. Sections empty or incomplete.
Paltharas 1 1 3 1 31may01 World: Very little content apart from a couple of secondary topics. Some pretty-ish maps that lack location names.
Palaestra 3 3 4 3 22mar02 World: Nice layout with reasonably good organization. Decent level of detail, especially in the culture, but little geography. General maps with not much fine detail.
Olendiak 2 3 3 3 25sep00 World: Decent layout and graphics with a simple map. Many nation descriptions that are well organized but only basic level of detail covered.
2 2 2 3 08aug00 Continent: Information in encyclopedia format, so difficult to integrate. No maps found. Many cursory entries only a paragraph long. Seems mostly mundane.
Northlands 3 3 2 3 31may01 Region: Crude but servicable maps. Brief overviews of each nation, with some broken links on clickable map. Decent start on a campaign setting, although sketchy in areas.
2 1 2 2 16jul01 World: Simple, crude map. Little information on the geography. Some details on groups and factions. Decent pantheon. Graphically busy site.
N'Ferra 2 3 1 2 23may03 Multiple: very high level setting with sketchy descriptions of most of the worlds. Gray background makes reading difficult. Crude maps; some additional details.
Natahl 2 4 3 3 22sep00 World: What content is to be found is mostly in the form of gazette issues. Nice format and interesting read, however. Good b/w maps. Some details on religion.
Nasha Koria 2 1 3 2 09apr02 Continent: Only a small amount of geographical information and only one map that I could find. Some extras.
1 3 2 2 31may01 World: A few curious details available about a much larger world setting, primarily about the religions. No material to run a campaign. Plain world map.
3 4 3 2 07aug00 Continent: Creative setting. Map needs a key. Very little on the geography but plenty of other gaming material.
Mythosa 2 4 5 3 26oct00 Region: Beautiful site with a nice interface despite the frames. Good collection of painted maps. Unfortunately only one nation has any degree of detail, but it is nicely done. The geography section needs a clickable map. Excellent pantheon and good history. 23oct02: material now contained in zip files, so technically not a "web world".
Mysaniti 3 2 2 3 22sep00 Region: Very slow to load due to excess of animated graphics and site cross-links. No maps found. Many menu picks but most entries only have a modest amount of content. Many gaming extras.
Mÿcerranin 1 1 2 2 17jan00 World: Rudamentary descriptions of the major areas and one large map.
Midgard 1 2 2 1 24aug00 Sub-Continent: Very vanilla web site with only a couple of simple maps. A number of odds-and-ends details, but very little about the actual setting.
Metaphaze 3 2 2 3 27oct00 World: Maps of all the continents and many cities with moderate amount of information on the cities and governments. Adequate interface and reasonable organization. It just doesn't grab me for some reason. Maybe it's the simple graphics.
Meln 3 3 4 2 14aug00 Continent: Good appearance. Clickable map hierarchy. Almost no details on the setting itself, such as geography or cultures. It does have a history and some race, religion, and magic details.
Maelstrom 4 4 5 4 01feb00 World: Many good resources for an interesting campaign world. Number of areas have little info, but showcased parts are well detailed. Large number of quality maps at various scales. Could use a political map for main continent. No creatures.
Manxx 2 2 2 2 07aug00 County: Limited content. Clickable map covers text and generates errors. Reasonable organization.
Mal'Ja'Zar 2 1 1 2 08mar02 City: Collaborative city project with little material and only a moderate amount of development. Mediocre maps.
Lyreberyl 1 1 1 2 19mar02 World: Almost no content.
Lore 3 3 3 3 11feb00 Continent: AD&D-based. Colorful maps. General descriptions of nations. Dragon Lance Pantheon. Symantics flowery and odd. No list of primary creatures or races. Dark text on black in places.
Llanowar Pending...
1 1 1 2 19jun01 World: Little content and mostly broken image links. No details on the geography or the setting.
Layonara 2 2 2 2 29mar02 Continent: Plain web page layout. Maps are Baldur's Gate-like, but kinda ugly. Sketchy information on setting.
Lastaria 2 3 3 2 07aug00 World: Plenty of maps. Good history. Limited amount of nation information. Campaigns and one scenario.
Lamaar 1 2 4 2 26aug02 Sub-Continent: A couple of nice maps. Only sketchy descriptions of the nations. Some extras.
Krell 2 2 4 2 04jun01 Continent: Beautiful interface and very nice map, but little in the way of cultural information besides the Theology.
Kramxel Pending...
Konka 1 1 1 2 03aug00 World: All image links broken so no map. Little or no description of the actual world. Race descriptions, mostly standard AD&D. Several characters described. Frames uncoordinated.
Kolanor 2 2 3 2 11apr02 World: Good organization and web layout. Decent pantheon with useful level of detail. Not much information on locations. Stylish map. Needs much more content to be a usable campaign setting.
Ki'larn 2 2 3 2 24oct00 Region: Nice CC2 clickable maps. Not much geographic information. Good format and organization. Some gaming extras.
Kibosh 2 3 2 2 24aug00 World: Actually only one fractal-generated world map with no political detail. Appears dependent on some game system which is never linked or listed. No particulars on the actual world. Not ready for prime time.
Kián 2 3 3 2 26oct00 World: Nice layout. A couple of basic maps. Only a few topics have any information, but those are solid with good detail.
Khoras 5 5 5 5 14jan00 Continent: Wonderfully detailed setting and excellent graphics. Minor nits about awkward menu and no creature stats.
Kethalos 1 2 1 2 18jun01 Continent: Crude map, sketchy details, and some odds and ends.
Kemen 2 3 1 2 10sep00 Sub-Continent: Looks promising in places, but has formating problems and many areas unfinished. World map saved in a horrid condition. Atlas is the geographic section rather than actual maps.
KaranBlade 3 3 3 2 14aug00 Sub-Continent: Nice layout with a clickable, hand-drawn map. Translated text can be awkward to read. Several D&D extras. 23oct02: now updated into a commercial setting.
Kalyr 4 5 4 4 04aug00 Continent: Nicely organized setting. Clean overall appearance but only general maps plus a city. Good level of information on the nations, cultures, and races for a campaign.
Kalland 2 2 1 2 15oct02 Continent: Plain maps and simple graphics. Only a modest level of detail on the setting. In need of much more development. Some details for use with FUDGE.
Kalam Pending...
Kaiji 2 3 2 2 10feb00 World: Brief nation descriptions. No maps. Standard fantasy races. Some magic details. Needs much more.
Jhendor 2 3 4 2 23oct02 Continent: Nice web site layout and detailed maps. Sparse details on the species/nations/cities, with only one nation detailed. Needs more detail but looks promising.
Jera Pending...
Jamboloydia 2 2 3 3 11oct02 Continent: Organized by country with standard information and a description for each. Maps are clear and usable. Needs an overall introduction with some history and political/cultural details. Includes several extras.
Jade 3 3 2 3 19jul01 World: Basic graphics. Geography described in reasonable detail. Several maps, some better than others. Some writeups for running campaigns. Needs more culture details. Timeline not in HTML.
Inzeladun 5 5 4 5 08jul02 World: A content-rich site that includes setting information and gaming extras. Organization is good but could be better, with campaign material separated from general gaming stuff. Each of the nations is described in a good level of detail, with emphasis on culture and history. Some nice maps. Could use a general overview to tie it all together.
Isle of
1 1 2 2 09sep02 Island: Small setting with little detail available. Not much in the way of useful material.
Ishka 1 2 1 3 08apr02 Continent: Kinda ugly interface from netscape, but better in IE. Not a great deal of setting information that I could find, but lots of stories, session logs, and extras. Maps are in CC2, or an ugly jpg conversion.
Hurva 4 3 4 3 02feb00 Nation: Very nice appearance. Good, detailed description of a single fantasy nation. Style is quite AD&D-ish. Odd use of semi-colons. Somewhat confusing priest spell lists. No terrain map.
Highland 2 2 2 2 26oct00 World: Doesn't appear to have much information beyond one area. Plain interface and basic but clickable map. Some gaming extras.
3 2 2 3 01jul02 Continent: Encyclopedia format with a couple of basic maps. Primarily a site for the DM's campaign, with various player info and journals. Needs an overview and better organization of the setting.
Hexalon 1 1 3 2 14jan00 Linked worlds: Ambitious project with almost no information content. Pretty maps though.
Hariyawa 2 3 3 2 23oct00 Nation: an unusual site with a dictionary and grammar of the native language. (Unfortunately for non-Finns the translation is in Finnish.) Some details on the culture of the land but no maps or geographic details.
Gwelith 3 3 3 3 23may03 Continent: Opening page needs a title and better focus. Dull brown menus at top lead to material. Some maps are too small, so difficult to read. Variable amount of detail, with some good and some minimal. Decent information on a single city. Nice pantheon; vanilla history; and some extras.
Gorland 3 4 3 4 21oct00 World: Good organization and interface. The maps are a bit rough, but clickable in areas. Many areas described, but usually only a single paragraph. Some topics nicely detailed. Needs a pantheon.
Goln Pending...
Geoza 1 3 3 2 30jan00 Continent: Nice looking site. Map shows no borders or cities. Sketchy history. No geographic or territorial detail. Unuseable for a setting.
Gateway 1 1 2 1 10oct02 Nation: Only a small amount of detail with average quality maps and a few extras.
Galovinius 3 2 3 3 30jan00 Sub-Continent: Fair level of detail. Sketchy city descriptions. Maps "hidden" under files section. Standard fantasy.
Gaeleth 3 4 3 4 02jul02 World: Fuzzy maps with not much detail. Only a few of the nations are detailed, but good level of information where it exists. Nice pantheon, decent organization, good background, and plenty of extras.
Feyworld 3 3 4 3 16oct02 World: Decent looking site with nice graphics and solid organization. A number of the nations are described with about a page each of detail. The material that is available is good quality, but given the scope there is still a lot missing. Many broken links on the maps pages.
Fargoth 4 4 5 4 03aug00 Continent: Networld project. Nicely laid out and well organized. Plenty of general details on the nations, but some with more detail than others. Properly detailed pantheon. Good level of cultural detail for some nations. Others are undeveloped. It could use a featured area with enough tactical detail for campaigning. info when you can find it. CC2 maps.
Farland 3 3 3 4 24apr02 Continent: Nice layout and appearance. Plenty of easy to use maps and a solid pantheon. Only a paragraph on each of the nations. Most areas have only sketchy details, while a select few locations have a good writeup. Several extras of interest.
Eurania 1 1 3 2 15aug00 Continent: Numerous maps of okay quality, but poor-looking forests. Little or no content on the setting.
Ethara 1 1 2 1 04aug00 Continent: One map and no content.
Erin 2 2 2 2 23may03 World: Currently in the form of a world-building forum with information posted under various topics. I could only find a moderate amount of detail with no maps or useable details. Needs more work before it's ready for use.
Erde Pending...
Enubia 1 2 2 2 21jan00 World: No maps or descriptions of nations. A history outline and a pantheon with brief descriptions of the gods. Scattered notes in other areas. Nice appearance.
Elivone 2 2 3 2 19oct00 Region: Some details on the history and the pantheon, but almost nothing about the geography or the culture. There are some nice maps, fluff, and gaming extras.
Elaan Pending...
Dunya 3 5 4 3 26may01 Continent: Nations only briefly described. Good development of the religions. Needs more information on the cultures. A few spelling errors, but enjoyably written. Quirky layout with a few broken graphics. Has potential to be much better.
2 2 2 3 18jun01 Continent: Colorful site. Map hard to read. Some information but needs more development.
Drak 4 5 3 4 22aug00 World: Good collection of adequate maps. Somewhat plain but servieable web layout and plenty of illustrations. Histories for some of the areas, which can also include geographic and cultural details. Lots of creative ideas with interesting topics and a reasonably good level of detail.
Dragonstorm 1 1 3 1 03aug00 World: Very slick interface but poor overall use of space. Many broken links with no remaining content I could find. Use of encyclopedic organization doesn't bode well.
Domus 3 3 3 3 21aug00 World: Mostly a high level overview of the world setting with only brief descriptions of the individual areas. Good with the breadth of detail, but not enough tactical material to run a campaign. Reasonable graphics and solid world maps.
3 3 3 2 23may03 World: Crude maps; a modest level of detail on several areas; primarily for on-line role-playing.
Derluin 1 1 5 2 17oct02 World: Contains one absolutely gorgeous map; some artwork; a handful of character descriptions, and little else. Mostly of interest for the artistry.
Delmop 3 3 3 3 21aug00 City: Mostly a general overview. Unusual menu. Reasonable level of detail on politics, institutions, culture, and some points of interest. A couple of broken links, including the city map. Actual maps do not have a lot of detail.
Darksbane 4 3 3 2 15aug00 World: Good layout with lots of material, but no maps or geographical information. Interesting but currently unuseable as a campaign setting. Some broken links.
1 2 3 3 22aug00 Forest: Interest concept, but more like a fantasy text adventure than useable game material. Couldn't find any role-playing content.
Daerlon 3 3 3 2 21jan00 Continent: Interesting ideas about source of magic. Important parts remain undeveloped. Nice maps.
Cyuk 3 3 2 2 15aug00 Continent: Center-aligned text with syntax problems. Dark text on dark background in places. Two hex maps. Plenty of history information and some geographic details. D&D extras.
Crestar 1 1 1 2 23may03 World: Ugly pages and awkward to use. Needs a touch of artistry and better organization. Information is sketchy and scattered. A lot of maps.
Co'Tuoron 1 1 1 1 30aug00 World: No content that I could locate, other than a two paragraph description.
Conclave 4 5 5 4 05jun01 Region: Beautiful, clean web site with an intriguing setting and nice cultural development. Only some nations developed. Could use some tactical detail for campaigns.
Cimmeron 2 3 3 3 29mar02 Region: Three nations with only a modest amount of detail. Many areas unfinished. Fuzzy campaign map. Decent web page layout. Some extras.
Cidaea 4 3 3 4 08feb00 Sub-Continent: Useable maps. Good overviews of the nations. Many races with game stats. Large pantheon. Little tactical detail.
Celandra Pending...
4 5 4 4 24may01 Continent: Nice clickable map with hex layout sub-maps. Decent layout and good organization. Covers a lot of territory with a reasonable level of detail and development, but still outline-like in places.
Ca'Lore 2 3 3 2 08feb00 World: No overview. Okay map but no detail. Sections well organized but information is sparse in places, rich in others. Most countries have no information. Several new monsters and spells. Long magic writeup. Tiny menu font and some spelling errors.
Breminor 3 3 4 2 04jun01 Continent: Lots of frames but nice interface. Good amount of information but little on the geography of the Kingdoms besides maps. Has potential but not enough yet for a campaign setting.
3 3 3 2 10sep02 Continent: More of a campaign site than a world setting. Some parts have a decent level of development while others are sketchy or missing. Average maps. Some extras.
Bostonia 4 4 5 4 07feb00 Nation: Nice-looking site. Decent map. Good level of detail with emphasis on main city. Lots of additions, including gaming rules and a bestiary.
Bergsburg 5 4 4 5 21mar02 Town: Excellent layout with a good focus on a single location. Dependent on using Warhammer FRP setting. Plenty of details buried within each locale. Needs a general table of contents.
Barlarna 1 1 1 1 24sep02 Locale: Negligible content and little real effort to build a world setting. Partially developed pantheon.
Bandagora 4 4 3 3 11aug00 Continent: Unusual book interface. Maps simple but useable. World information in encyclopedia format. Should use Bandagora entry as an introduction. Only a few paragraphs on each nation, but good overall content level. Plenty of extras.
Ba'kara Pending...
Azad 2 3 1 3 08jun01 Region: Vanilla web layout. Almost unreadable map with no terrain. Modest quantity of information, with many parts only sketchily detailed.
Avarlyn 2 2 2 2 17feb00 Continent: Not a lot of material. Mostly a few select topics with nothing about the geography. Problems with Netscape browser.
Audean 1 2 2 1 17feb00 World: Syntax and spelling problems. Adequate map. Little content.
A'ta 2 3 3 3 18mar02 Nation: Modest level of detail, with a decent layout and interesting extras. Needs more information to be usable as a campaign setting.
Ascalon 2 1 3 2 22oct01 Continent: No maps, some sketchy information, with a few moderately detailed areas. Not enough to be useful.
Arstakar 1 1 2 2 28jan00 Sub-Continent: Consists of a history and a few plain maps. Most pages blank. Unusable.
Arn 2 2 2 3 18mar02 World: Not much detail on any of the areas; some decent work on describing the organizations; somewhat plain maps. Primarily a site for a gaming group.
Arkaela 2 4 3 3 18mar02 World: Intended primarily as a spelljammer setting. Some extras but only some scattered details on the actual world. Not enough to actually base a ground campaign. Hand drawn world maps. Decent layout.
Ariane 2 2 3 2 12oct00 World: Cluttered front page. Some decent maps, although difficult to read in places. Good focus on one campaign area but not enough detail, particularly in geography. Center alignment makes reading more difficult. Lots of monster conversions.
4 4 5 5 27jan00 World: Beautiful site. Well written setting with plenty of detail. Maps are unusual and a bit too general. Needs a world map. No stats.
Arcallis 1 2 1 1 12oct00 World: Very little content and that is in no great detail. A few simple maps. Mostly unfinished bullets.
Aramorr 2 2 2 2 21oct02 Region: Only a moderate amount of information on the setting. Interface is cluttered and inconsistent. A couple of okay maps.
1 2 4 3 10apr02 Continent: Nice web layout with good presentation. Unfortunately there's not much content and it's essentially unusable as a campaign setting. There are no maps I could find, and not much
Aquerra 2 3 3 3 26aug02 World: Only a couple of the areas are detailed. Simple, hand-drawn maps. Decent job on the pantheon.
Aquela 3 4 4 3 11oct02 World: Interesting premise for a world. Nice web layout. Many parts are unfinished and there's a few broken links, but the current material is interesting. Good cultural and religious details where available. Needs more work, but a promising start.
Antrelle 1 2 1 2 27jan00 Sub-Continent: Little information. Poor map. Some new creatures.
Annexia 3 2 3 2 26jan00 World: "Standard" fantasy setting. General descriptions of the continents and nations. Brief racial descriptions with game stats. A modest pantheon. Sketchy color maps with no cities or terrain. Nice layout.
Anghar Pending...
Angaria 3 4 3 3 03jul02 Continent: Decent layout, and a useful level of detail on the nations. The maps are quite colorful, and usable. Some broken links but overall a good effort.
Andal 2 4 3 2 29aug00 Continent: Simple but clean page layout. Most maps are plain but workable. Unfortunately many of the pages are in Dutch or have little content. Very little on the geography, but some interesting cultural details.
Amordian 1 1 1 1 11aug00 World: Tree format. Many broken links or under construction signs. Zero useful content.
Alluvia 2 3 1 2 26jan00 Archipelago: Potentially good but needs lots of work. Most sections incomplete and the image links are broken. Minor spelling and grammar problems. No maps of any kind.
Aleder 1 2 3 3 26jan00 Sub-continent: Single paragraph notes on the various areas of interest, but few details. Nice b/w map and clean appearance.
Aldor 3 3 2 3 24jan00 Continent: Map links are broken. Difficult to find information on regions. Nice detailing of many races, languages, and gods. Good potential.
Alaria 1 2 2 3 24jan00 Continent: Contains a history, a few concept plans, and very little else. Single map with little detail.
Agyris 4 5 5 5 08mar02 World: Slick site with well-made layout and lots of buried details. The artistry is sublime. Unique setting and system based on FUDGE. Some parts require Flash. Needs maps with location labels. Worth spending some time surfing this site.
Aiem 2 3 3 3 08mar02 World: Graphically fairly nice with a somewhat unusual interface. Not a large amount of content, although what is there is decent enough.
Agartha 2 2 2 2 11oct02 Continent: Poor maps but the graphics is decent otherwise. A few towns and locations are provided, but not in great detail. The setting could also use more development on cultural aspects, such as the religious beliefs.
Aerthia 1 2 3 2 09oct00 Continent: Nice layout apart from the center-aligned text. Requires a plug-in to view maps. Not much content on the web page.
Aerra 1 2 4 2 22aug00 World: Beautifully drawn monochrome maps. Some particulars but could not find anything on the world setting or its inhabitants. Not useable as a campaign setting.
Aeden 1 1 3 1 11jul01 Continent: Nice appearance but few of the pages have any content. Only races pages has some material. Not enough to go on here.
Ærchus 3 3 3 4 22oct02 World: Consists of several maps and a lengthy PDF gazeteer document. The document is fairly meaty, but covers the world in broad detail. Anybody looking for a campaign setting will need to fill in more of the tactical details.
A'drakon 2 1 1 2 08apr02 World: Awkward interface with maps drawing over the text in places. Best navigated through the site map. Plain maps, with text hard to read in some cases. Only a modest amount of content. FR-like.
A'dohn 2 2 3 2 12oct00 Sub-Continent: Nice layout. Some content but needs more work, especially in the geography section. Details on races.
Adelfarn 3 3 3 3 14jan00 Town: My humble endeavor.
Adaro 2 2 1 2 03aug00 World: Mostly in the form of notes. Single map with little detail. GURPS character templates. Brief descriptions of areas. Some adventure notes.
Abrigon 1 2 1 2 25oct01 World: Largely unfinished with only a few notes, some descriptions, and poor maps.



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Web World Building Tips

After reading through so many web world sites I've run across a number of common mistakes that authors make, at least in my opinion. What follows is a list of tips that might be of use for anybody seeking to put together their own web world setting:


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